Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Titouan Lamazou: Women at Adamson Gallery

February 20 - March 27, 2010
Lola, Sydney, Australia, 2005 . Pigment print
courtesy Adamson Gallery

Opening Reception for the Artist:
Saturday, February 20, 6:30 - 8:30 pm
Lamazou is an artist, documentarian, ethnographer, and it might be argued, an activist and humanitarian. For six years, Lamazou has traveled the world photographing 230 women and recording their biographies. The resulting images are beautiful and sometimes haunting. They reveal an artist that has a unique eye into the experiences of the peoples he encounters.

Titouan Lamazou has been voyaging around the globe nearly his entire life. Born in 1955 in Morocco, at age seventeen he decided to be a navigator and spent the next several years sailing on the seas of the world. In 1990, he won the Vendée Globe, a race around the world. Long accustomed to documenting the people and sites he encountered on his travels via photography, drawing, painting and even film, Lamazou decided to embark on his current project in 2001 and was named a United Nations Educational, Scientific & Cultural Organization "Artist for Peace," a title that reinforces the humanitarian aspect of his project. The result is a collection of photographs, sketches and video recordings, which have been exhibited worldwide and collected into several catalogues published by Gallimard, as well as shown on short segments on French television.
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