Thursday, July 29, 2010

Last Week to Experience “Informed Design” at Long View Gallery

If you are in DC this week, it's the last week to see the Informed Design exhibition at Long View Gallery. Come see the architecturally designed spaces and the exciting fine art. I was invited to exhibit two large canvases that I'd love for you to see in person. Contact the gallery for information about the work.

Informed Design through August 1, 2010
Last Week to Experience “Informed Design” at Long View Gallery / Borderstan
Two DC-based architects were given the same challenge: Create a space that illustrates the significant relationship between art, architecture and design. After only five weeks of preparation, architects Ernesto Santalla and David Jameson installed two unique architectural design vignettes at Long View Gallery for its current exhibition, “Informed Design.” The architects also chose artists to work with and then incorporated their pieces into the vignettes.
Gallery Director, Drew Porterfield chose the work of artists Joan Konkel, Steve Griffin, Patricia Burns, Victoria Cowles, Susan Finsen, Anne Marchand and Wanda Wainsten to be featured in this exhibition.

Long View Gallery
1234 9th St NW
Washington, DC 20001

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