Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Freya Grand & Amanda Stark @ Seraphin Gallery

Freya Grand "Another Journey" & Amanda Stark "The Astral and Tellurian" 
February 26 - April 17 

OPENING RECEPTION: February 26, 6pm - 8pm 

Artist Freya Grand’s paintings from “Another Journey” explore the vitality and wonder of breathtaking landscapes. She chooses to work with sceneries from various regions in Africa, South America, and Ireland, highlighting locations which are both untouched by man and extreme in climate and terrain. Grand travels but once a year, documenting, drawing, noting her experience and then in her studio recreating the experience of how it felt to be there, in that place. The experience is both physical and metaphysical.
Each work explores not only the tactile and spatial feel of these remote places, but carries their emotional impact as well. Details are secondary to the overall sweep of the brushwork, and yet we feel that we are looking at places that are very real. These paintings walk the line between abstraction and realism.

Amanda Stark is a sculptor who uses copper, bronze, and glass to make intricate vignettes evoking space, depth, and time. Her exhibition, titled “The Astral and Tellurian”, is an exploration into the fantastical world of the imaginary scientific exploration by the means of handmade objects. The exhibition is Wunderkramer of odd jewel-like ornaments and brings about a thoughtfulness and inquisitive nature from the viewer while also exploring the subjects of purpose and science to the art exhibition. Each piece suggests or resembles astronomy, navigation, or chemistry like instruments by the various materials used and antiquated formed structures. Every work carries its own imagination, conquests the current mind frame and historical concepts, and brings about a grace and enlightenment which can only be characterized as evocative and beautiful.

Seraphin Gallery
1108 Pine Street
Philadelphia Pennsylvania 19107
Tuesday - Sunday, 11am - 6pm

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