Friday, February 04, 2011

Last Chance to See UNIVERSE this weekend

Last Chance to See 
UNIVERSE Anne Marchand & Craig Schaffer 
Extended Show Date: Now - February 4 
at The Gallery at 1111 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
 "Like This", oil on canvas by Anne Marchand        "Gallo Verde", welded bronze by Craig Schaffer

The abstract paintings and sculpture of Anne Marchand and Craig Schaffer are well paired in this exhibition with their graceful swirls and rhythms.  Yet, they differ in their genesis.  Marchand paints visual song-poems and joyous expressions of life, using luminous depth contrasted with surface richness. Schaffer creates sculptural pieces inspired by science and nature.  In this series, his work is based on fractal forms ... the shapes repeating at different scales created by the ongoing processes of life; such as the branching of plants to catch the sun.

Marchand has exhibited her paintings in national and regional galleries and museums.  Schaffer, has also shown his work nationally and internationally.  Both artists' works are also featured in private and public collections.

1111 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20004 (12th & Penn)
Mon-Fri, 8 AM - 7 PM; Sat & Sun by appointment

For information and appointments, call 202-783-2963 or email art[at]

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