Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Groundbreaking Merger Step Afrika! and The Phillips Collection Where the Iconic Fine Art Meets the Contemporary and Innovative Dance

WASHINGTON- Step Afrika! will join hands with The Phillips Collection to give birth to a new artistic experience. In an innovative partnership between the visual and performing arts world, Step Afrika!-Washington’s highly celebrated dance company and the Nation’s Capital first and only Cultural Ambassador- will draw creative inspiration from the iconic The Migration Series, an incomparable body of work painted by late legendary artist Jacob Lawrence. The Phillips Collection--America’s first museum of modern art,and one of only two owners of Lawrence’s historic Series--will contribute its exhaustive research, knowledge & imagery to the performance.

“This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience for Step Afrika! and our unique ensemble of performers, “ says C. Brian Williams, founder and Executive Director of step Afrika!. “The opportunity to perform in front of Jacob Lawrence’s incredible paintings while also bringing life to a movement that literally transformed America in the early 1900’s is mind-boggling.”

Step Afrika’s! new collaboration with The Phillips Collection will première during Step Afrika!’s Home Performance Series 2011 at the Atlas Performing Arts Center beginning June 15th thru June 26th. Deemed “a virtuosic performance” by Washington Post Pulitzer-winner Sarah Kaufman, the award winning dance company will unveil new stepping choreography chronicling the historic journey from South to North in the United States and emulating several panels of Lawrence’s legendary Migration Series.

“The Phillips Collection has developed tremendous resources for teachers and students alike to understand the Great Migration of African-Americans and its significant place in America’s history, “ says Williams. “ Coupled with our own research into the dance and music of the late 1800’s along with the countless stories of Southern migrants, Step Afrika! will produce a performance unlike any other in our 17 year history. It is an absolute must see for lovers of dance, art, history and culture.”

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