Saturday, June 11, 2011

Living Embodiments: Artistic Expressions of Being @ Parish Gallery

20th Anniversary Celebration  "Living Embodiments: Artistic Expressions of Being"
Edward Clark, Herbert Gentry, Sam Gilliam, Richard Mayhew, Wosene Kosrof,  and other artists

OPENING RECEPTION, Friday, June 17,  6-8 PM
 Showing through July 12, 2011

"The gallery has been on a universal journey exhibiting these talents from all walks of life, representing over 25 countries and ranging from emerging, to mid-career, to master artists.  Over these past two decades I have been amazed at the consistent quality level demonstrated by the artists.  My reference to quality is that the subject matter may not be to one's liking, but the art works can truly be called fine art.  The diversity of the artists shown over the years has one thing in common.....Quality."  Norman Parish

Celebrated Artists
Tayo Adenaike
Mason Archie
Alex Bay
Antonio Carréno
Edward Clark
Victor Ekpuk
Robert Freeman
Herbert Gentry
Sam Gilliam
Marilyn Horrom
Simmie Knox
Wosene Kosrof
Peter Wayne Lewis
Edward McCluney
Evangeline J. Montgomery
Norman Parish
James Porter
Sylvia Snowden
Yvette Watson

Parish Gallery
1054 31st St. NW
Washington, DC 20007
Gallery is open Tuesday thru Saturday from noon to 6:00 PM or by appointment.

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