Thursday, April 27, 2006


Ever wonder what happened to the animal public art projects? Well, it seems tha tthey're all the rage in Paris. Fancy that!

Cow Parade

PARIS – Crowned by its success in various countries (last March one could see painted cattle in Mexico City, in the Chapultepec park), the Cow Parade is finally landing in Paris. The principle is simple: glass resin cows are scattered throughout an itinerary taken by many people (in Paris, the axis between the Arc de Triomphe and the Concorde). Each one of these ruminants, symbols of peace and placidity, is decorated with the help of a sponsor, by an artist who gives free rein to his inspiration. Among the participants, Thierry des Ouches, Marika de Moro Giaff eri,Yanne Kintgen, Hubert Le Gall. Colours, motifs or materials: all is possible except to sacrifice the cow. Cow Parade in Paris, from 26 April to 16 June 2006.

A pleasant virtual herd of coloured bovines

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