Saturday, April 08, 2006

Studio One Eight is proud to announce a solo exhibition with Byron Peck

Stopped by Byron's show. It's worth a look!
G. Bryon Peck | 4.15.2006 | 7-10pm reception

G. Byron Peck lives in Washington DC and has created over 80 murals throughout the United States and abroad. Here in the District, some of his best known murals include the Duke Ellington mural overlooking 13th and U Streets, the DC-Themed montage in Metro Center, and the mural mirroring the DuPont fountain high above the Circle on Connecticut.

While it is difficult to travel the streets without running across one of Peck’s larger works, the opportunity to see his smaller works is quite rare. Studio One Eight would like to give the District the opportunity to acquaint itself with pieces they can encounter in a more personal setting. This show will include work Peck completed between 1986 and 2006.

Location: 2452 18th St NW, (18th and Columbia)

Gallery Hours: By appointment and on opening nights only.

For all inquiries, 703.395.1932 or

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