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APRIL 22- May 27, 2006

This blogger wants to fill you in on a kool new space on historic U street. One that you will want to keep your eye on and visit often.

Brainchild of four colleagues; two architects, a journalist and a graphic designer,

Project 4 gallery proposes a new concept for the Washington, DC hip art public. "Project 4 is a new Washington D.C. gallery that plans to be as diverse as the art world itself. That diversity— from painting to video to photography to sculpture— will be encouraged by Project 4’s exhibition model: guest curators who will bring a spectrum of exhibits not limited by the ideas of a single gallery director. It will, in effect, be a room for art and ideas."
Ok, I'm excited about this new venue and wish them luck and great exposure! There's room for this creative melding of art and ideas in Washington, DC. I say, the more, the merrier.

I left painting in the studio to attend Project 4's second opening tonight, an exhibit of oil and watercolor paintings by Terrie Pipa.

"Pipa is a figurative artist, and the paintings chosen for this exhibit all demonstrate a mastery of detail, of subtlety, and of the small, psychological gesture." Pipa's work is well executed and striking in its ability to transfix the viewer with questions about her subjects. The storyline is left to the eye of the beholder with glances to past Renaissance masters and their penchant for intrigue.

Our very own Anne Surak will be directing the events of Project 4 in the coming months. A curator in her own right, Anne will bring a plethora of contemporary, edgy visions to her new post. Here's wishing her well and lots of art visitors.

Designed by Architect Greg Kearley, the gallery is 900 square feet on two levels, including a twenty-foot double-height space.

It's a contemporary space with a Soho feel to it. White walls and open space dominate. From the second floor one can look down to the first floor visitors. Let's welcome Terrie Pipa and Project 4 to the Washington, DC art scene with the enthusiasm that her art and the new gallery space deserve.

Here's more photos of tonight's jam packed opening - in the pouring rain no less!

Project 4 is located at the intersection of historic U. St. and 9th St. N.W., a burgeoning area of restaurants, galleries, bars and stores half a mile east of Dupont Circle. It is less than a block from the U. Street/Cardoza stop on the Metro’s Green Line.

Project 4 is open Thursday and Friday 6 - 9 pm, Saturday 1 - 8 pm and by appointment. Space is available for private events.

903 U Street NW Washington DC 20001 tel: 202 232 4340 fax: 202 232 4341

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