Sunday, August 12, 2007

Monica Tinker: Out of b[Order] review read here.

at Hillyer Art Space, Washington, DC
through August 30, 2007

Monica Tinker: Out of b[Order] is a site-specific installation that incorporates the use of natural and man-made materials to create a temporal exhibition drawing upon the immediate surroundings. On entering the exhibition space, viewers find that they’ve wandered into a three dimensional sketchbook where the meanderings of a thought are realized in drawings, sculpture, and text. Tinker utilizes steel, concrete, mixed media paintings, rope, encaustic, plastic, and a variety of natural matter to create a visual dialogue between objects and the installed environment. Ultimately, Tinker works to make sense of the visual and material world and invites the viewer to join in her journey.

Out of b[Order] is evolving organically over the course of two months, as Tinker returns to Hillyer Art Space on a weekly basis to alter her work. Her adjustments, whether it is the removal or addition of an object, or the rearranging of materials, reflect the challenge to find order among disparate fragments of experience while confronting the passage of time. Tinker creates a live studio where experimentation and play, rather than the results of those processes, take center stage. Her work is truly a metaphor in materials and aims to rearrange the viewer’s concept of the ordinary by providing a place of honor to everyday materials and subjects.

Hillyer Art Space
International Arts & Artists
9 Hillyer Court NW
Washington, DC, 20008 USA
or e-mail Amanda Lewis

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