Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Celebrity Portraits from the Warhol Factory Years at the Ludwig Museum

Irvine Contemporary and Ludwig Museum Exhibition Collaboration

The Martin Sanders Collection
Ludwig Museum, Koblenz, Germany

August 26 – October 28, 2007
Opening reception at the museum: August 26, 11:00.

Dr. Martin Irvine, President and Director of Irvine Contemporary, Washington, D.C. is pleased to announce the opening of the exhibition Celebrity Portraits from the Andy Warhol Factory Years:
Photographs by Billy Name, Curtis Knapp, Gerard Malanga & Carl Fischer—The Martin Sanders Collection at the Ludwig Museum, Koblenz, Germany. The exhibition at the Ludwig Museum, Koblenz, was curated by Dr. Beate Reifenscheid, Director, Ludwig Museum. Catalogue published by the museum with an essay by Martin Irvine.

Celebrity Portraits from the Andy Warhol Factory Years spans exactly two decades of portrait photography surrounding Andy Warhol’s Factory in New York (1963-1983). The exhibition was first exhibited as a curated collection at Irvine Contemporary in February 2006 (see original exhibition information) and was purchased by New York-based collector Martin Sanders. The Ludwig Museum exhibition now brings together 32 photographs by Gerard Malanga, Billy Name, Carl Fischer, and Curtis Knapp in a unique set from the private collection of Martin Sanders. Martin Sanders has now assembled one of the most important photography collections from the Warhol years. The exhibition is the first of its kind, presenting many photographs never exhibited before in a museum curated collection. The exhibition includes Sander's recent important acquisition, the unique color processed self-portrait from the Andy Warhol Screen Test Series by Warhol’s assistant and collaborator, Gerard Malanga, which Malanga produced from frames of the very first Warhol Factory Screen Test film as a positive and negative diptych pair.

Mr. Sanders has worked closely with Dr. Irvine for the acquisition of this body of photographs and for the museum exhibition, and Dr. Irvine has also written a catalogue essay to accompany the Ludwig Museum exhibition.

Link to the Ludwig Museum Exhibition

Link to the Museum Catalogue Essay by Martin Irvine (pdf)

Information for Collectors
The photography by Warhol's collaborators and Factory associates represents a great opportunity for collectors, and the works are becoming scarce. Billy Name, Gerard Malanga, Carl Fischer, and Curtis Knapp continue to work with Irvine Contemporary on the representation of available works.

Representative and available works are on view on www.irvinecontemporary.com website. Contact the gallery for availability and pricing.

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