Friday, August 31, 2007

SPARKPLUG, a newly forming visual arts collective in the DC area

The District of Columbia Arts Center, under the guidance of its Visual Arts Committee announces its support of SPARKPLUG, a newly forming visual arts collective in the DC area.

What constitutes an art collective? What is the difference between a collective and a cooperative? Do artists need collectives? What can/should membership in a collective provide for its members? Are collectives only about showing? Are curators involved in collectives? Are some mediums and aesthetic approaches better suited to collectives than others? How much feedback and criticism is involved in a collective? What would be the most important features of a DC-based collective? Am I ready to be in a collective?

These are some of the questions DCAC hopes to address with the initiation of SPARKPLUG. Over the next few months DCAC will host discussions and forums on these and similar topics as they seek the optimal structure to assist area artists in their artistic advancement.

The goal of SPARKPLUG is to identify superior artists, curators and arts writers without current gallery representation or institutional employ, provide an environment to help foster their development, provide legal, technical and other resources, and provide opportunities for them to exhibit both in DC and around the country. SPARKPLUG actively seeks its membership from all communities in the Washington, DC Metro region with the goal of bringing together emerging artists and curators with a broad range of backgrounds and experiences, and a diversity of professional preoccupations and creative visions.

Are you a DC-area artist or independent arts professional who would like to engage with the possibilities of SPARKPLUG at its outset? If so, please join the District of Columbia Arts Center's first public forum to explore this exciting new prospect:

Wednesday, September 5th 7-9pm @ Bedrock Billiards, 1841 Columbia Rd NW

If you are interested in learning more, send an e-mail to with "SPARKPLUG" in the subject line.

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