Thursday, September 06, 2007

"Peer Pressure" at Nevin Kelly Gallery

September 8 - October 7, 2007;
Reception: Saturday, September 8th, 6-9 pm

Local artist and guest curator Thom Flynn has assembled a group of his peers to size-up contemporary trends in art. Artists: Sue Huang (LA), Carrie Mallory (DC), Baby Martinez (DC) and Pascual Sisto (LA).
Flynn chose the title "Peer Pressure" to demonstrate the positive potential of a concept that is generally perceived as negative.

Having recently earned her MFA from UCLA's Media Arts program, Sue Huang, works in photography and video, often combining other elements to create multi-media installations. This show will include a photo series that illustrates pareidolic phenomena in spinach as it is handled with chopsticks.

Carrie Mallory, an MFA graduate from American University and a respected painter, has more recently been working in video and installation. This exhibition will showcase a photo series that captures the ephemeral nature of a sculpture, part of her ongoing "Box" series, stuffed with leaves.

The work of Baby Martinez, a 2007 Sondheim Prize finalist, consists of trivial, often altruistic, acts that alter the way one experiences communal areas. The exhibition will include photo documentation of these typically anonymous acts.

Pascual Sisto, also an MFA recipient from UCLA's Media Arts program, works primarily in video. For this show, Flynn has selected videos that depict what the artist describes as "mundane objects enduring transitional change and looped into a constant state of suspension."

Nevin Kelly Gallery
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Washington, DC 20009
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