Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Fri Sept 7
6pm til late

the art romp to end all art romps!!!!!
the grand finale

*art *performance *projection inside and out *picnic in the parking lot artists - hipsters - friends - patrons come bring a friend - free

See the work of artists from all the years of ArtRomps
See art in all the Warehouse spaces buzzing with the echos of the past
Be part of the past and future of Warehouse. AND as usual Food - Drink - Fun

Adrienne Mills * Monocle Society * Adrienne Moumin * Nooni Reitig * Alexandra Silverthorne * Peter Romero * Angela White * Manon Cleary * Anne Marchand * Piero Passacantando * Beth Baldwin * Randall Stoltzfus * Beth Cartland * Rania Hassan * Bridget Sue Lambert * Gary * Carolina Mayorga * Richard Wellons * Cameron Ayres * Tierney * Dana Ellyn * Rosetta Mc Pherson * Dara Friel * Peter Woods * Elizabeth Morrisette * Ruth Trevarow * Ellen Weiss * Frederick Nunley * Erwin Timmers * Tim Martin * F Steven Kijek * Ryan Hackett * Gabriela Bulisova * Tim Tate * Gail Peck * Michael Janis * Ian Jehle * Karen Schnitz * Heather Schmaedeke * Stephanie Dinkins * Heather Levy * Matt Sesow * Ira Tattelman * Sheila Crider * Isabel Manelo * Sondra Arkin * James Coleman * Soumiya * Jared Davis * Steven Strichter * Jason Gottlieb * Dan Murray * J S Adams * Terence Nicholson * Joroko * Tom Drymon * Jose Ruiz * Rick Delany * Karen Joan Topping * Verta Reyes * Karey kessler * Travis Childers * Kevin Cowl * Kerri Sheehan * Kristin Holder * Richard Kightlingler * Kim Burke * Kristina Bilonick * Keith Stanley * Laura Elkins * Linda Hesh * Mark Planisek * Margaret Dowell * Michele delamenardiere


Some of the best things in life seem to happen by chance.

Chance is the latest project by Jane Jerardi - a set of video-dance shorts and a public art project that considers the luck of being in the "right place at the right time." Chance will focus on the everyday coincidences that go mostly unnoticed, but create beautiful relationships between diverse people. Imagine this: on an early fall night in DC, eerie and beautiful dance videos will be projected on the outside of buildings. Those passing by will walk downtown and be stopped by huge images of dance and light overhead. It'll be about bringing startling and beautiful art to everyday places. It's first appearance will be at The Warehouse for ArtRomp on Sept 7 after sunset. Look for it in the parking lot - along with the cookout.

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