Thursday, October 25, 2007

MCLEAN PROJECT FOR THE ARTS closings next weekend.....


Emerson Gallery: Postcards from the Real: Works by Josephine Haden Using subtle but efficient compositional devices, Arlington artist Josephine Haden toys with perceptual expectations in these large-scale landscape based paintings of open-ended allegorical vignettes. Blending open sky, vast bodies of water and soaring vistas with magazine, vacation and animal imagery, Haden creates visual stories that ask as many questions as they answer. Like postcards from another time and place, these paintings offer viewers a glimpse into a world where imagination transforms the mundane and banal into the extraordinary and unexpected.

Atrium Gallery: Genomes and Daily Observations: An Installation by Suzanne Stryk In this installation, Virginia artist Suzanne Stryk brings together a grid of exquisitely poetic drawings of natural objects and modern genetic symbols, an antique desk depicting the workspace of a nineteenth century natural historian, and a mirror reflecting both the images on the walls and the image of the current viewer. Using these basic elements, Stryk contrasts and blends today's world of high tech science with the more intimate knowledge of nature gained through the careful and close observational scientific techniques of the past. At the heart of this work are questions regarding the reconciliation and coexistence of scientific knowledge with a personal reverence for the mysteries of nature.

Ramp Gallery: Fairy Tales: Paintings by Joy Every: Landscape, fantasy and fairy tale co-exist in these expressive paintings which draw heavily on images from the subconscious and both dark and lightuniversal symbolic content. Color, pattern, texture and other formal compositional elements are explored within the context of the landscape, while mysterious imaginary worlds are seamlessly blended with the familiar.

McLean Project for the Arts
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Hours are T - F 10 am - 4 pm, Saturday 1 - 5 pm.

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