Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Alan Binstock: Suspended Cosmos and Joan Belmar: Life’s Many Layers

December 4 – January 11
Saturday, December 6 from 5-8pm

Joan Belmar: Lifes Many Layers
Animal Instinct.

(from Exhale series)
58"W x 48"H x 3"
acrylic, mylar and acetate on masonite

Alan Binstock: Suspended Cosmos

H&F Fine Arts is pleased to present concurrent solo shows of works by Alan Binstock and Joan Belmar. Both artists’ work explores the circle of life and construct dialogue assessing the parallels of three dimensional abstract structures and human life. Belmar’s work will serve as a layered backdrop to the translucent sculptures created by Binstock.

Alan Binstock’s work explores the forms that express or reflect the sacred, the inner life; varied manifestations of the micro and macro worlds. Many years of work as an architect and now in Master Planning at NASA, Binstock’s work is a result of deep space images and ideas that arise from his observation, reflection and meditation. Whether six inches or 60 inches tall there is an compelling mix of steel and glass, Binstock pushes glass to it’s limit…chiseling as if it were stone.

Experimentation with materials such as plastic, acetate, polycarbonate, Mylar, and glass, allows Joan Belmar to create worlds where the viewer is allowed to see some things clearly and some things opaquely. But all things seen are intended to reflect an outer and inner world of psychological stress, fragility and dislocation. Belmar’s work takes on a cosmic-like illusion that carefully entwines photography and optical effects.

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