Monday, January 21, 2008

Week Two - Van Gogh Blues Virtual Book Tour Schedule

At each stop along the way on The Van Gogh Blues tour, Eric Maisel will answer questions and deepen your understanding of the book’s key concepts about creativity, meaning, and depression. Come visit for a day or follow the whole tour and acquaint yourself with a host of new blogs of interest.

Monday, Jan 21 Deb Chaney

Deb Chaney’s blog concerns the creation of contemporary abstract paintings using
acrylics, mixed media and collage. Deb explores life as an artist, mixed media and abstract painting techniques, studio habits, and creative inspiration.

Tuesday, Jan 22 Donna Druchunas
Sheep to shawl is author Donna Druchunas's blog about knitting, writing, politics, and anything else that strikes her fancy. Donna newest books are Ethnic Knitting Discovery: The Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, and the Andes and Kitty Knits: Projects for Cats and Their People

Wednesday, Jan 23 Susan Johnston

The Constant Creator
A community for creativity. Daily exercises to kickstart the imagination. Sharing resources and information about grants, jobs and opportunities in the arts. All artists welcome.

Thursday, Jan 24 Mary O’Gara
The theme is poetry and dragons, with dragons representing the subconscious process behind putting words into form. Mary’s dragon's name is Alexei and she greets everyone gently …

Friday, Jan 25 Becky Short
The Prodigal Journal
Becky uses The Prodigal Journal as a tool to help her recognize and make meaning in her life as an artist/writer and homeschooling mother to her daughter. Daily ups and downs, small triumphs, big worries, coping with her own depression and her child’s possible Asperger’s Syndrome, successful artistic efforts, and frustrations over not so successful efforts are all fair game for The Prodigal Journal.

Saturday, Jan 26 Artella Café Day
The Artella Café ( is the community hotspot for Artella Land, featuring blogs, art galleries, and dozens of discussion forums for artists, writers, and creative spirits. During his week at the Artella Café (week 8 of the tour)
Eric will be hosted by a different blog each day. Each host was a winner of Artella's Weekly Blog Topic of the Week Challenge.

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