Sunday, January 27, 2008

Van Gogh Virtural Book Tour - Week Three

At each stop along the way on The Van Gogh Blues tour, Eric Maisel will answer questions and deepen your understanding of the book’s key concepts about creativity, meaning, and depression.


Monday, Jan 28 Cynthia Morris
Cynthia Morris is an expert on the creative process and encourages others to embrace life as a creative adventure. At her blog, you can join the others who are learning how to thrive creatively and complete creative projects with joy and ease.

Tuesday, Jan 29 Megan Warren
The Raven in the Rose Garden
Megan blogs about her interests, her artistic creations, her aspirations and her inspirations.

Wednesday, Jan 30 Dani Greer
Dani Greer is a professional artist, writer, and avid reader. She regularly hosts her favorite authors on their blog book tours in support of environmentally conscious practices. Blog books tours burn less petroleum.

Thursday, Jan 31 Lois de Vries
Lois de Vries' Garden Views
Lois' thoughts on gardening and environmental issues run the gamut from gardening in her own back yard to promoting land management practices that reconnect people to the Earth. As a field editor for Better Homes and Gardens Special Interest Media, she enjoys visiting and writing about other people's gardens. An active participant in local politics, she advocates for open space preservation, sustainable development, and green building.

Friday, February 1
Austere’s blog is an anonymous account about life and living in Mumbai, India; veering from the gritty realistic to the dreamy, rose-tinted; for she tends to get excited about things like lights on trees, stars on the silver screen and the sky, and the stock market.

Saturday, February 2 Melissa LaFavers
The Art of Practice
Melissa’s blog samples her daily life, issues that concern and inspire her, with a slant toward the art of writing and scrapbooking, two her favorite modes of creative expression.

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