Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Diebenkorn in New Mexico Events at the Phillips Collection

Diebenkorn in New Mexico
June 21 – September 7, 2008

Brett Weston: Out of the Shadow

June 21 – September 7, 2008

Gallery talks take place at 6 and 7 pm and are included in museum admission.

Thursday, July 17
Lighten Up - Color, Desert, and Diebenkorn

Discover how New Mexico's continually changing light and color infused Richard
Diebenkorn's painting with looping, energetic lines and the colors of the desert.

Thursday, July 24
In Tuition - Diebenkorn as Teacher and Student
Before Richard Diebenkorn enrolled as a graduate student at the University of
New Mexico, he taught art for three years in California. Discover how Diebenkorn's artistic vision shifted as he transitioned from teacher to student and how his response to his new environment encouraged the artist to find his distinctive voice.

Thursday, July 31
On Location - Following Weston and His Camera

Brett Weston called travel "a way to refresh the eye." Journey to New York, California, Mexico, and Hawaii through Weston's photographs and see how these landscapes offered the artist new forms and photographic opportunities.

Richard Diebenkorn in New Mexico: Abstraction, Representation, or Something Else
Richard Diebenkorn's art is usually seen as alternating between abstraction and representation. Join John Elderfield, MoMA's chief curator emeritus of painting and sculpture, as he argues that Diebenkorn's New Mexico paintings strike a subtle balance between the two styles.
Thursday, July 31 at 6:30 pm

Concert: The Golden Age of Jazz - Music Inspired by the Harlem Renaissance
Thursday, July 17 at 6:30 pm

Experience the syncopated rhythms of bassist James King, a 30-year veteran of the jazz scene. As a recently appointed U.S. Department of State cultural ambassador, King traveled with the Smithsonian Jazz Orchestra to Egypt. His quartet performs Harlem Renaissance-inspired hits by jazz legends such as Duke Ellington, Count Basie, and Billie Holiday.

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