Saturday, July 19, 2008


No Artist Left Behind Program

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration today approved the ArtFile Online and its corresponding workshop series, ‘No Artist Left Behind’, as a suitable treatment for Inactive Art Career Syndrom (INACS). Symptoms of INACS are generalized by an inability to promote oneself through the world wide web. If left untreated, INACS results in an art career that is immobilized.

ArtFile Online is the newest product from Washington Project for the Arts (WPA), created in an effort to combat INACS. The Artfile Online will replace their earlier prototype, the Artfile slide registry with this new, easier to digest, online product.

"This approval is another example of the FDA's efforts to increase access to safe and effective self promotion for artists" said Kim Ward, WPA Executive Director and long time anti-INACS activist.

In celebration of the approval, WPA will hold free workshops over the next year covering topics such as:

-Uploading images to your ArtFile Online profile
-Taking digital images of your artwork
-Promoting your work to galleries and curators using your ArtFile Online Profile
-Accounting and Tax workshops for artists
-Legal issues for artists

Workshops begin on July 28+29 with two workshops on the basics of using the ArtFile online. Consumers wanting to sign up for a July workshop can visit:

Stay tuned to for details on other upcoming workshops.

The ArtFile Online is safe and effective for any artists living in Washington, DC, Maryland or Virginia. Side effects vary, but may include: Explosive Inbox Syndrome, calls from gallery directors and curators, a sudden Increase in your bank account, and the ability to buy large amounts of art supplies at Utrecht using your WPA member discount.

To learn more about how the new ArtFile Online works, watch the online video demonstration here.

Brought to you by WPA and the No Artist Left Behind Program

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