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November 8 - December 19, 2008

Washington Project for the Arts and the Washington Sculptors Group announce the opening of "Aquifer," an exhibition of work that explores the significance of water. For this show, curators J.W. Mahoney and Deborah McLeod have selected 35 artists who are particularly compelled to address the physical, psychological, metaphysical, and aesthetic qualities of water.

Both J.W. Mahoney and Deborah McLeod are seasoned curators and have long shared a particular interest in water themes. Mr. Mahoney has regularly engaged the symbolic qualities of natural forces, in both writings and exhibitions, and Ms. McLeod is currently producing a film titled "Purification" on the ancient connection between river baptisms and the assignation of the natural feature as a source of reconciliation with the sublime. "Aquifer is not a show that specifically intends to present the subject of water as a memento mori on human negligence and water's precipitous dearth," says McLeod, "it is instead about water's critical meaning to us in so many hierarchically varied aspects of survival and inspiration."

Selected artists include: Joseph Barbaccia, Dennis Beach, Christian Benefiel, Alan Binstock, Renee Butler, Richard Dana, Pattie Porter Firestone, Leah Frankel, Gail Gorlitzz, Pat Goslee, Nestor Guzman, Mila Kagan, Rebecca Kamen, Kathy Walden Kaplan, Tetsuya Kato, Joanne Kent, J.T. Kirkland, Barbara Liotta, Jacqueline Maggi, Howard and Mary McCoy, Ryan McKibbin, Emily Piccirillo, Beverly Ress, Pat Segnan, Mike Shaffer, Marilee Schumann, Lynda Smith-Bugge, Pamela Soldwedel, Lucy Norman Spencer, Betsy Stewart, Kazue Taguchi, Virginia Warwick, Paul Vickers, Amy Glengary Yang and Millicent Young.

Opening Reception: Nov. 8, 6-8pm,
Curatorial talk and artist panel discussion:
Saturday, November 11 from 2:00 until 4:00 pm.

All events are free and open to the public.

Edison Place Gallery

Pepco's Edison Place Gallery
701 Ninth St. NW
Washington, DC 20068

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