Monday, November 03, 2008

In The News / Art Walls in Crystal City

Anne Marchand, Michael Hammond, Jose Piedra at Prism Mural, 18th Street Underpass, Crystal City, VA.
Photo Credit: Greg Staley

You wondered where I was this fall? What have I been doing? Well, I wasn't exactly the troll under the bridge, but I did get my hair blown around for over a month at the 18th Street underpass. Two of my recent public art projects are right across the river from Washington, DC in Crystal City, VA. Check them out. I liked being out in the elements, even on the gritty texture of the street, painting the Prism mural. There is something wonderful in being totally immersed in a creative project with good people around you. The best part was witnessing daily, with a river of pedestrians, the change that was taking place on this piece of concrete in Virginia. You know.... it does matter, those little tiny glimpses that let light and color in the mind. It excites the imagination, like peripheral vision, you might not see it head on, but you know it's there and you feel a delightful presence. Barren to beauty, perhaps not in excess, but steps in that direction. I love it when a team of artists form a good match. Jose Piedra, Michael Hammond, the wind and I painted the geometry, color and light that brought smiles to faces. Dear mural, keep doing that and more.

Enjoy the Prism Mural Slideshow. Other artists who assisted with the project include Eve Hennessa and Siobhan Gavagan.

Here's a couple of mentions in the Arlington, VA news.
What’s New in the Arts in Arlington
November, 2008
Art Walls in Crystal City; 
Radiance, Prism and Ellipsis
1800 S. Bell Street (nearest intersection)
Metro gateway area
Arlington, VA 22202

The Crystal City Business Improvement District (BID) unveils its latest creative endeavor, Art Walls, which includes three projects, Radiance, Prism and Ellipsis. Radiance and Prism flank the 160’ walls on the north and south sides of 18th Street South, bringing light and color to the thousands of Metro commuters who make their way to and from the Crystal City Metro station each day.
Local mosaic artist Valerie Theberge created Radiance, 25 dazzling and dynamic individual mosaics on one side, and Anne Marchand designed Prism, 35 large rectangles filled with geometric shapes for the opposing wall. 
Elsewhere in Crystal City, Ellipsis, courtesy of artist Anne Marchand and the Zenith Gallery, takes twelve of the artist’s most colorful abstracts, enlarges them into 10’ square panels and mounts them on the back wall of the Hyatt Regency Hotel.

Spotlight Crystal - November 2008

Art Walls Creates Gallery in Crystal City - Crystal City sparkles with the unveiling of the Art Walls collection which currently includes three projects: Radiance, Prism, and Ellipsis. The Crystal City BID chose 18th and S. Bell Streets (Metro gateway area) for the first set of Art Walls, Radiance and Prism, which flank the north and south sides of 18th Street South, respectively. Developed by local mosaic artist Valerie Theberge, Radiance splashes 25 dynamic and dazzling pieces along the 160’ wall. Across the street, Prism – the inspiration of Anne Marchand -- consists of 35 4’ x 9’ rectangles filled with geometric shapes and unique elements which enliven the wall. Embraced by Crystal City commercial property owners, the first corporate Art Wall, Ellipsis, is a partnership involving Gould Property Company, the Airport Hyatt and Concord Residences. Ellipsis, also an Anne Marchand creation, takes 12 of the artist’s most colorful abstracts, enlarges them onto 10’ square panels, and mounts them onto the back wall of the Hyatt Regency Hotel. Be sure to check out the colorful, lively and whimsical pieces of art!
Hyatt Regency Crystal City at Reagan National Airport
2799 Jefferson Davis Highway,
Arlington, Virginia, USA 22202

Courtesy Zenith Gallery and the artist,
Happy Creating! Anne

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