Thursday, November 06, 2008

Public Artists to Transform Columbia Heights, DC Intersection with Community-Based Art Installation

* November 9, 2 - 6 PM: Live, Outdoor Art Presentation with a Dozen Artists *

In keeping with its history of combining art, architecture and construotion, 3DG is pleased to announce yet another event. On Sunday, artists from the DC area and the East Coast will create a public art installation that seeks to lift up the Columbia Heights community spirit by improving aesthetic enjoyment. A dozen artists will work together with renown graffiti artists, like Tim CON and Leon Rainbow, in a live, outdoor presentation of art and people changing their environment. The artists will cover the 80-foot fence of a construction site with color, imagination, and reflection.

"We are transforming an eyesore to eye-candy," said Albus Cavus Executive Director Peter Krsko, the organizer of the art project. "Fences around building sites are usually to be endured, not enjoyed. In Columbia Heights, public artists and residents will smash that old construct with paint and spirit."

Who: Tim CON (DC), Dave AREK (MD), Decoy (DC), Billy Mode (MD), VJ (DC), Gaia (MD), Leon Rainbow (NJ), Will Kasso (NJ), Peter Krsko / Albus Cavus (DC) and other local artists.

When: Sunday, November 9, 2008, from 2:00pm to 6:00pm. The completed installation will remain on exhibit until early 2009.

Where: 3400 11th Street NW, Washington DC (intersection of 11th Street NW and Park Road)

The group of local and visiting artists are working in collaboration with 3DG - District Design Development Group, LLC. This unique event brings together artists who master diverse techniques and styles. Their common goal is to work in public space and use their art to improve the quality of life in their urban neighborhoods. The live presentation is open to the public and free.

Albus Cavus, a sponsor of this event, is a non-profit organization that utilizes arts to:

. Promote development of strong and healthy communities by involving the residents in projects that result in improved public, gathering and common spaces.
. Design and develop novel interactive and participatory art projects in public space.
. Reinvent existing public spaces that are underutilized, neglected and abandoned.
. Cultivate healthy development of young residents through practical experience in complex projects that encourage team work and democratic process.
. Support artistic excellence by providing necessary consulting services, supplies and mentorship to emerging artists.

3DG, a sponsor of the event, delivers world-class architectural design and development services to the Greater Washington Metropolitan Region. Employing a highly qualified team of experienced developers, award winning architects, LEED-accredited professionals, interior designers, construction management professionals, licensed real estate agents, and financial analysts, 3DG is able to provide a unique, holistic approach to any building project. For further information regarding 3DG's design services or any of our other services, please visit or contact at 202-291-3282.

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