Sunday, January 03, 2010

Frank Hallam and Jonathan Monaghan

through January 16, 2010

Hamiltonian Gallery presents a new exhibition of works by Washington, DC photographer Frank Hallam Day, and Hamiltonian Fellow, Jonathan Monaghan. Whether through African mannequins, Christian imagery or heraldic symbolism, both artists present recontextualized notions of the West.

In Frank Day's Equatorial Beauties, a series of photographs from a more extensive body of work taken in sub-Saharan Africa, the viewer comes face-to-face with images of women's fashion mannequins from African marketplaces. These all-Caucasian mannequins represent the remnants of Western standards of beauty, and by extension, Colonialism itself, all of which still very much affect Africa today.

In his latest body of work titled Rock Hard Weekend, Hamiltonian Fellow Jonathan Monaghan further explores the Christian notion of self-sacrifice with his computer-animated videos and images. Monaghan's works, opulent in their use of slick, laser-cut acrylic frames and symbols of designer luxury, offer an updated, almost post-human version of biblical allegories and the survival of their lessons

Hamiltonian Gallery
1353 U Street, NW
Suite 101
Washington, DC 20009

Hamiltonian Gallery | 1353 u street, nw | suite 101 | washington | DC | 20009

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