Monday, September 13, 2010

2nd Thomas Drymon Selects Exhibition

Works by Laura Elkins, Claire Feng, Yvette Kraft and Joyce Zipperer
selected by Thomas Drymon.

September 16–October 17, 2010
Opening reception: Thursday, September 16, 6–
Studio B Gallery at Biagio

In “unbearable,” the second of three Thomas Drymon Selects exhibits, the curatorial series narrative is played out as the four artists explore what is revealed and what is not. Featuring works by Laura Elkins, Claire Feng, Yvette Kraft and Joyce Zipperer, the exhibition provides glimpses into the artists’ worlds and provides commentary on our own.

Laura Elkins’ self-portraits as first ladies imbues the powerful women she portrays with emotion seldom seen in public; Claire Feng’s soft-focus paintings of every-day life are subtle snapshots with powerful subtext; Yvette Kraft’s whimsical, textural paintings, inspired by real-life subjects, bring humor and pathos to our daily routine; and Joyce Zipperer’s lingerie series, made of crotcheted metal wire, is as intricate as the hand-work required to make each piece.

About Thomas Drymon Selects:
The three exhibitions planned by Thomas Drymon each year follow a narrative arc. Artists are chosen based on their exploration of the theme or narrative but also their willingess to reconsider their work in that context. For 2010, the narrative concerns revelation and the degree to which artists expose themselves to the world while commenting on it at the same time. Exhibitions are planned each year at traditional and nontraditional spaces and are intended to introduce mid-career artists with low- to mid-priced works to a broader audience.

Thomas Drymon 202-299-0027

 Photos from opening night of unbearable
Artist Joyce Zipperer
Claire Feng with Curator Thomas Drymon
Yvette Kraft with Curator Thomas Drymon

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