Friday, September 10, 2010

Civilian Art Projects / Erick Jackson and Trish Tillman

September 10 - October 16, 2010
Opening Reception, Friday, Sept. 10, 7pm

Erick Jackson

New large-scale paintings of dreamy night scenes and saturated color paradise.

Nightscaping is a new series of paintings by Washington, DC based artist Erick Jackson, influenced by Charles Schultz's Peanuts characters and the school of Romanticism. Drawing from his academic background (Rhode Island School of Design), his rock musician sensibility (Apes, Midnight Kids), and his lavish imagination, Jackson create this new suite of paintings based on the techniques developed in his last exhibition All Night Flight, a series of 68 color pencil drawings.

Trish Tillman
In Irons

Intimidating sculptural installations and works made of paper, found objects, and other media.

According to the artist, "when a boat is in irons it is pointing directly into the wind, or is too close to the wind to make headway. Therefore, it struggles or is completely stopped dead in the water. Elements of my work possess this ambition of wanting to move forward but with constant barriers or reminders of loss."

Civilian Art Projects
1019 7th Street NW, Second Floor
Washington DC 20001
(202) 607-3804

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