Monday, December 13, 2010

Joe Corcoran's Glass works at the Art Registry Gallery at Todd Christofaro

If you didn't get a chance to see Joe Corcoran's Glass works at the Art Registry Gallery at Todd Christofaro Holiday Open House yesterday, here's a sneak peek of some of the artists latest creations of hand blown color glass installations. Joe Corcoran assembles individual forms to create larger sculpural works that intertwine, link and rhythmically line the space they occupy. The glass is suspended by an iron and metal welded support system created by the artist.
A central sculpture in the installation hangs from the ceiling like a chandelier that is at once calligraphic, lyrical line and metaphor. The artist sees it as a visual reminder of the way relationships form through interaction and conversation.
The recent addition of neon to his work creates new pathways of reflection in the glass forms. Several of his pieces are made up of identical blown glass shapes that hook together to create unique larger works with serpentine twists. Be sure to stop by and see Corcoran's beautifully crafted and lyrically seductive work.

Joe Corcoran - installation at the Art Registry Gallery,
Georgetown, Washington, DC USA

To see Joe Corcoran's work contact
3146 Dumbarton St. NW
Washington DC 20007

Tuesday–Saturday 10AM–6PM

Photo Credits: Anne Marchand.
Courtesy of the artist and the Art Registry Gallery


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