Saturday, April 23, 2011

Georgetown Gallery Exhibitions

Showing now through the end of May, Cross MacKenzie Gallery (1054 31st Street, NW) presents "Farewell" by the prolific and powerful ceramic artist David Hicks, a new sculpture exhibition appropriately titled to reflect the artist's recent move from his native California to North Carolina. Hick's second one-person show at Cross MacKenzie builds on themes of agriculture and gravity that Hicks explored previously, but with compositions that have grown denser, more complex, and literally and figuratively heavier. 202.333.7970
Parish Gallery: Georges M'Bourou "Roots of Hope"
Showing now through Tuesday, May 17, Parish Gallery (1054 31st St NW) presents "Roots of Hope" by Gabonese painter Georges M'Bourou. Known for his unique and instantly recognizable style of oil on canvas, which incorporates vibrant color combinations and explores different textures through paint layering, dripping and scraping, M'Bourou's paintings are essentially a quest into the mystery of light. M'Bourou's work has appeared in many exhibitions internationally and he has received numerous prizes, notably in 2005 when he was selected to represent Africa at the Universal Exhibition in Aichi, Japan. 202.944.2310
Susan Calloway Fine Arts: Gardens, Fountains, and Follies 
Just in time for spring, Susan Calloway Fine Arts (1643 Wisconsin Avenue NW) introduces a fresh collection of antique paintings. Gardens, Fountains, and Follies features a selection of beautiful nineteenth- and twentieth-century European and American paintings, watercolors, and prints. Emphasizing verdant gardens, meditative fountains, and secluded green spaces, this collection couldn't be more perfect for the gorgeous blooms and warm breezes of the spring season. 202.965.4601 

Source: The Georgetown Business Improvement District (BID) Team

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