Friday, December 02, 2005

In search of the muse

There's so much going on this season. My head is spinning! It seems like things have doubly ramped up. Parties, parties, parties, openings, fundraisers, birthdays and I'm not even a party girl.....well sometimes. If you want to go see some good art, Lenny has posted a list of tonight's 1st Friday's gallery openings at DC Art News. I'm heading down to Zenith Gallery in Penn Quarter to see Drew Ernst's work tonight about 7pm after I take care of the rest of my life. I hope to spend some time in the studio today painting on two new canvases. It's been a very busy week of managing the business side of art; letters, emails, phone calls, contracts, research, teleclass, creativity check in's, not to mention the daily chores of life and maintanence. How do we do this gracefully and effortlessly and still create with passion? The artist's life is like a band with one member playing all the instuments. Somehow it still sounds sweet. Well, I can't discount all the support from family, friends, galleries, collectors, colleagues, community, and vendors. I need all the love and professional support I can get, thank you. Now.... I'm off in search of my muse... I think she may still be somewhere in my studio.

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