Saturday, December 03, 2005

Spraining to do it.

This is not a cuss word!!!! Three friends sprained and broke ankles over the last few weeks, all women. I'm keeping my eyes open for Potholes! in downtown DC.....Yep, I've had that experience too. Several years ago, I didn't notice a pothole near 20th and M Sts. NW and in went my foot and I sprained my ankle. YEE-OUCH! It's no fun to lay up in bed or try to move around on crutches. Can't DC keep its streets nice and tidy like a good Capital City? Come on! We're supposed to be floating in money, what happened to street repair? Doesn't DC government know that there's an endangered species of artists who live with their heads in the creative spheres. How are we supposed to keep from falling in holes?
My day was spent serving up Enchiladas and good cheer to the invalids. Everyone else... eyes down and watch where yer walking.

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