Thursday, December 01, 2005

New Corcoran Gallery Director, Washington, DC USA

British Scholar Paul Greenhalgh, (pronounced GREENhalsh) who organized the Art Nouveau Exhibition which showed at the National Gallery of Art in 2000, is named the new Corcoran Gallery Director for 2006. "Jeanne Ruesch, chairman of the Corcoran Board says Greenbalgh's appointment was a signal that the Corcoran is turning around after a rocky stretch." At 50, a young Greenbaugh has an impressive vitae as president of the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design and previous head of research at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. Greenhalgh is a historian with a background in painting and design and ceramics collecting. We wish him success in directing our city's 136 year oldest art museum. Read WaPO's interesting and informative article by Jacqueline Trescott British Art Scholar Named Director Of Corcoran Gallery

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