Monday, January 09, 2006

12 x 12: New Works by Nathan Haenlein

a f i n e a r t g a l l e r y

12 x 12: New Works by Nathan Haenlein

Opening Reception: 01.14.2006 | 7-10 PM | open to the public
Open by appointment through 02.04.2006
Studio One Eight is pleased to announce the Opening Reception of 12x12; an exhibition featuring new works by Nathan Haenlein.

Haenlein is a conceptual artist currently residing in San Francisco. His work has attracted international attention and Haenlein’s reputation precedes him as we welcome him for his first exhibition in Washington D.C.

In his own words, the artist’s work deals with themes of consumption and “addresses capitalist ideologies and new synergistic cultural trends.” The calculated rhythm of his compositions demonstrate a masterful combination of technical skill and conceptual intent. Haenlein will be present at the opening reception and available to answer questions.

Contact Trey Sutten (Gallery Director |
for more information or to schedule a viewing appointment.
2452 18th Street NW, Washington, D.C. ▪ ▪ 703.395.1932 ph

Nathan Haenlein’s Artist Statement for 12 X 12

Conceptually my work addresses capitalist ideologies and new synergistic cultural trends. Our current global community is waging a visual campaign to consume. Much like the cathedrals of medieval Europe, global advertising is dependant on image to convey meaning. At every level of consciousness Ad men and designers are hoping to manipulate our decisions and serve us an Eden that is attainable through their product. My work addresses that urge/need to buy our Eden. I lure the viewer in with pristine surfaces, the flash of commercial design, and objects that emit machine made qualities. With further inspection, the work asks the viewer what she/he is consuming, will this object fit with my ipod / Volkswagen / Banana Republic lifestyle, or is this a distortion of capitalism? The reality of the work is consumption; art is a commodity or culture for sale. The objects also teeter between, and question the concepts of, patience, the digital age, repetition, and new ideas about drawing.

My working method is foregrounded by the quotidian habit of drawing. Through this daily program, I formulate ideas, work out previous conceptions, and generally provide for a flexible creative outlet in which to experiment and play. Often these drawings/concepts do not make it into a final image, yet they are essential to my production. The action itself is crucial, allowing me to freely transverse areas of picture making outside of my formalized mode of creation. Once I am satisfied with an idea through drawing, I repeat it and allow it to transcend its initial meaning. The repeated works accumulate, generating a visual journal that lives parallel to the core body of my work.

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