Sunday, January 22, 2006

Back and Forth, how Chocolate Cake and Indian-Vegetarian made me well

I was going to go the Penn Quarter openings last week (the sculptor's exhibitions at Zenith Gallery and the Edison Place Gallery, when I canked my back lifting public art panels in preparation for painting last weekend. Not to go into too much detail, I have been walking gingerly this week, NOT sitting down much and going to sleep early. I'm almost back in the swing of things which is good, since I'm installing the public art in April and I have an exhibition opening on May 5 at the Zenith Gallery. Over the couse of the week, two assistant muralists and I have been painting 17' of sky, clouds and shrubbery for the public art mural. The cityscape buildings are next.

This weekend, I took a needed break from painting, got a back treatment, hung out with my husband and friends and enjoyed an Indian dinner at Woodlands Restaurant in Langley Park, MD. Today, I ate some Chocolate Cake baked by a friend for my unBirthday. I gave 1/3 of the remaining Chocolate Cake to a friend who has an upcoming birthday on Wednesday. (I couldn't possible eat it all!) I love late birthday presents. I hear that Chocolate Cake heals sore backs. On the artside - a little slide organizing in the studio and I'm in shape for next month's mailings.

Woodlands Restaurant
Indian, Vegetarian
My favoirite dishes are the Palaak Paneer and the Masala Dosa
Langley Park
8046 New Hampshire Ave.
Langley Park, MD

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