Tuesday, January 03, 2006

David E. Richardson, a Major in the United States Marine Corp opens the year at Zenith Gallery

January 7 - February 8
Reception to meet the artist: Saturday, January 7, 5-9pm

Major David Richardson
Trojan War Series
On display in the rear gallery

Zenith Gallery would like to start the New Year with a send off for artist, David E. Richardson, a Major in the United States Marine Corp. He has served our country as a marine for sixteen years and will continue that service with a tour of duty in Iraq this winter. He has been painting since childhood and has studied art for the past twenty years.

Concurrently with painting, Major Richardson developed lesson plans for a class he instructed at The George Washington University on the evolution of Western warfare; the characters from Homer’s Iliad constantly occupied his thoughts, and he drew the title of the series and each painting from that epic legend. In short, each painting is a monument to characters and events chronicled in the Iliad.

The work is a series of large abstract paintings drawing reference to the ubiquitous nature and imagery of stone motifs – Stonehenge, Easter Island carvings, Inuit structures and Mycenaean bull horn carvings to name a few.
Contact: Jodi Walsh, Director Marketing or Anne Surak, Manager


  1. Anonymous9:04 PM

    Anne, found you via searching David Richardson Artist on Google. I met David in 1981.If he reads this he will know I am genuine. In Ms. Pety's class he would Sing Beatles songs when all were to be quiet sketching. I have a painting of his I have toted through my life for the last 20+ years. I would love to find him. I sent u an email. I hope that I will be able to find him thru you. Thank You for Supporting an Incredible Man, Mind and Artist Mr. " David Richardson" ..He is amazing. Kim Wright

  2. Kim, Try calling or email Zenith Gallery to find out his whereabouts. I am not aware of what happened after his deployment to Iraq.

    Best regards,
    Anne Marchand