Thursday, June 15, 2006

ROBERT VINSON BRANNUM ANSWERS District of Columbia Public Officials Arts Questionnaire 2006

DC Public Officials Arts Questionnaire - Response

Q1 - Yes.

Q2 - I feel some of the District of Columbia Public Schools which are under utilized or excessed could be made available and or transferred for community public arts purposes.

Q3 - Increasing arts in the community and supporting local artists will help to build bridges across cultures and help all people to respect others, overcome negative stereotypes, and to accept cultural diversity.

Q4 - I support this effort.

Q5a - Yes
Q5b - I would encourage DCPS officials to make available excessed space for local community arts programs. I also feel the DC Main Streets program could assist local arts programs to secure abandoned properties to house community arts programs.

Q6 - I have attended several arts programs presented by DCPS students.

Thank you for the opportunity to respond to your questions.

Robert Vinson Brannum
Commissioner 5C04
Demorcatic Candidate for Chair, DC City Council

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