Wednesday, June 14, 2006

A Day Trip to the 17th Street Canal Area in New Orleans.

I am briefly back in DC for a day, heading to S. Carolina on Friday. Here's an update on what I saw in an affected New Orleans neighborhood. I also spoke to several Gallery directors who told of artists who have lost everything; slides, inventory, work. I am told that I can go to any gallery in town and will find artists represented who have been severely affected by the hurricane disaster. In reality, everyone with whom I spoke has been affected on some level.

I can only say that much sadness fills my heart as the visual weight of the devastation in New Orleans sinks in. I saw only a small area which goes for miles and miles with ruined homes in Lakeview and Gentilly. On the flight down, I spoke with a woman who is doing a documentary on survivors in St. Bernard Parish who lost everything. She spoke of the spirit of these people who lost everything and the vitality in their hearts. Although I know in my own heart that New Orleans will survive in its art and people, it is a hard long road given the present state of destruction and the slowness of action from our government. The doom and gloom stage may be over for our fellowmen but the hard work of rebuilding is a staggering reality. And there is more stress with global warming and hurricane season. Here are a few pictures I took near the 17th Street Canal flood area. This was a really nice neighborhood before the storm and break in the canal. I didn't make it to the worst area in St. Bernard Parish and I hear it is leveled.
Please sign in and see the Lakeview neighborhood pictures here.

On a good note...on the flight home, I sat next to a woman who was in N.O. with the AFL-CIO to invest in economic development in New Orleans Read story here.

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