Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Hip Hop Project

A friend sent this over to me, to share with you...

The premier of the movie The Hip Hop Project opened this past Friday. It is an incredible and inspiring documentary. Go see the movie in the next 2 weeks - because apparently if a movie doesn't make it then, they take it out of the theaters- and it would be good if this movie stuck around awhile. In the DC area, it's showing at Dupont Circle 5 Theaters, & in theaters in Silver Spring and Marlborough.

The guy responsible for the project, Scott Rosenberg, graduated from DC's Maret School. Scott's uncle is Robert Lehreman, the art collector who has an incredible collection of Cornell's...). "The Hip Hop Project is the compelling Story of a young man named Kazi, a formerly homeless teenager, who inspires a group of New York City teens to transform their stories into powerful works of art, using hip hop as a force for hope, healing, and realization of Dreams." All the money made by the movie will be going back into supporting creativity and giving hope to youth. Bruce Willis and Queen Latifah are also backing the project. You can check it out at:

or download the music at : itunes.com/starbucks