Thursday, May 03, 2007

Walter Kravitz: New Work

McLean Project for the Arts / April 19 – June 9, 2007

Artist Slide Talk with Walter Kravitz - VA
Friday, May 4, 7 PM.
The evolution of his work will be discussed. Free.
Call 703-790-1953 for reservations.

Emerson and Atrium Galleries.

Drawing from a broad array of influences spanning from Hieronymus Bosch to Arshile Gorky, Walter Kravitz creates large-scale drawings and paintings based on landscape and figurative images in various states of both abundance and decay. With a surrealist’s openness to spontaneity and intuitive understanding of the subconscious, Kravitz builds these works using exquisitely expressive line work and a restrained and judicious use of color. The viewer is drawn into a world that is fascinating and compelling yet strange and disorienting as well.

Solomon T. Wondimu: Skin Color Project - VA
Ramp Gallery

Working with a palette of more than 1,000 tones originating from close-up photographs of skin, Solomon Wondimu creates mural-sized digital images and paintings that explore the conflicts and assumptions that exist between the eye and the mind around the concept of skin color.

McLean Project for the Arts
1234 Ingleside Avenue
McLean, VA 22101

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