Friday, May 25, 2007


R. Crumb
Marcel Dzama
Hope Gangloff
Kiki Smith
Renee Stout

Opening Reception: Saturday, June 2nd 6:30 - 8:30 pm

Adamson Gallery is pleased to present Pulp Fiction, a multimedia group exhibition of works from R. Crumb, Marcel Dzama, Hope Gangloff, Renee Stout and Kiki Smith. Running the gamut from sculpture to printmaking to pen and ink drawings, all of the works in this exhibition explore the properties of the narrative.

Taking its name from one of the most popular and accessible forms of narrative, Pulp Fiction presents works that use images to tell stories. The pieces in the exhibition illustrate different narrative strategies.

Brooklyn artist Hope Gangloff works from snapshots of her friends, producing lovely pen and ink renderings colored red, black, and white. Gangloff's images depict drinking, socializing: her friends play poker, go to gallery openings, fall asleep in cabs. The images, because they are taken from photographs, bear the trace of the real events from which they originate.

Washington-based Renee Stout's silkscreen triptych Fatima and Black Nine uses a collage of painted "primary sources" to tell the story of the romance between a psychic and a poet: partial portraits, (a face, a hand holding a card, a woman's legs), a diary entry, scraps of poetry, a dim photograph. The information omitted is as compelling as the information given: like Stout's observant diarist, the viewer is left to piece together the account.

Marcel Dzama's The Cabin of Count Dracula consists twenty hand-drawn lithographs housed in a small wooden cabin lined with beaver fur. The fanciful drawings of vampires, cowboys, children, and monsters are accompanied by a record soundtrack by Albatross Note. Like Stout, Dzama's narrative is a bricolage of parts, drawing the viewer into the history.

The exhibition is rounded out by pieces from Kiki Smith and R. Crumb, who reference the narrative forms of film and the comic. In this way, "Pulp Fiction" is an exhibition full of stories and of the different ways that they are presented.

For more information, please contact Laurie Adamson or Erin Boland at (202) 232-0707.

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