Friday, July 20, 2007

Bradley CHRISS

G Fine Art announces a wall drawing by Bradley CHRISS

This mural explores celebration, violence, private and public sexual events, and the link between comedy and anxiety. Inspired by Taoist painting styles, the brushstrokes are long and loose. Done freehand, the subject matter emerges organically, fabric twisting and turning, bodies both gruesome and elegant.

Surrealistically, organs undergo extreme fantasy segmentation, dividing into a series of semi-repetitive segments, multiplying into a vision of absurdity. There is an outragesness that implies both humor and horror. Like watching a B horror film, which can be over the top, simultaneously funny and scary. The palette, black Sumi ink and cadmium red, implies an overall feeling of doom while also hinting at the summer dresses and polka dots Chriss sites as part of his inspiration.

This drawing will be up for the rest of the summer, along with a varying group of works from gallery artists, currently a selection of Chan Chao’s photographs.
1515 Fourteenth Street NW, Washington DC 20005

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