Monday, July 30, 2007

HEALING, a performance/installation

by Kata Mejia

Opening this week
August 1st-4th, 6pm-7pm nightly

This performance will take place at Bodysmith parking lot..
1622 14th Street NW (between Corcoran and R Street)
Performance is open to the public. Performance begins at 6PM Nightly (lasts about 1 hour)

Healing is a performance-installation which represents a breaking point with life caused by sudden, violent death. Symbolic, ritual actions expressing the pain and chaos this wrenching of life creates will be performed along with those expressing transcendence and healing of the departed soul and the loved ones who remain.

This performance commemorates the first anniversary of the death of the artist's little brother, who was kidnapped and murdered in Colombia by the FARC terrorist guerrillas.

Colombian born, Kata Mejia is no lightweight performance artist. Her work is raw emotion played without pretense. She attacks her concerns with everything she has: her body, mind and soul. That attack is dramatic, sometimes violent and speaks to the human condition.

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Randall Scott Gallery
1326 14th Street NW
Washington, District of Columbia 20005
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