Monday, July 09, 2007

urbancode, a new online magazine about the DC Arts Scene!

"In the current issue #2 of urbancode you will read about many who are doing things to enliven the arts community here in the Metro area. Witness Ryan Hill who is bucking the industry trend and has opened Strangeland Records. You might want to visit his establishment and justify his belief in the dynamism and vast potential of the cultural scene we have here. Filmmaker Jon Gann runs three separate local film agencies; DC Film Salon, DC Shorts Festival, and DC Film Alliance, and Patricia Finneran, oversees the SilverDocs festival at the AFI--all are important cogs in the machine! That doesn't even begin to scratch the surface though, because there are lots of musicians plugging away and continually evolving an already exciting and renowned music scene!"
Stuart Greenwell
Publisher/Editor-in-Chief/ Designer

*News about the future of the Warehouse Gallery Theatre Complex is included in this current issue of urbancode.

urbancode is published 8 times yearly by urbancode design. Subscriptions may be obtained free by sending an email to and requesting Add Me!

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