Monday, July 23, 2007

A Natural Market in Columbia Heights

This is a little off the arts beat path. Since I'm a BIg lover of natural foods and feel that a natural market is a plus in our neighborhoods, I'm putting this information out. Plus, good food fuels good art, doesn't it. At least it gets you in a good spot to create the work.

Ellwood Thompson's Local Market operates a full service grocery store in Richmond, VA. They are recently focusing on the Columbia Heights area because they like the diversity and density of the area and believe that people in this area of DC would appreciate the unique experience of their concept. Ellwood Thompson's is committed to supporting local farmers, manufactures and other local merchants. ET would gladly sponsor local farmers markets. Additionally they have a strong commitment to the environment and ideally would like to be in a "Leeds" certified or "Green" concept building.

They welcome any comments from you, my readers.

Their website is - (They are in the process of upgrading their site but this gives you some idea about them.)

Contact: Ryan Youngman, CEO
Ellwood Thompson Local Market
2235 Staples Mill Road
Suite 202
Richmond, VA. 23230

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  1. Wow, interesting news - a store like that would do very well here in Columbia Heights! I'll mention it on my blog as well as the CH News Forum. Thanks, great scoop!