Friday, July 17, 2009

Athenaeum Gallery Event / Thomas Drymon

Above: Waiting for the world to begin in the Athenaeum Gallery

Artist Talk Sunday, July 19 4:00 free

Working Across Media and the Creative Process

August 6 through September 6, 2009

Thomas Drymon will discuss his exhibit Waiting for the world to begin and how he integrates the themes he explores in painting to photography, video and installation. He also will comment on his work as a commercial graphic designer and its influence in his work. Slides and short films will illustrate the talk.

Drymon is a painter and photographer living in Washington, DC. In Waiting for the world to begin, the artist meditates on man's relationship to the natural world and his search for beauty amidst the rubble of daily existence. The works reflect moments in time - sometimes light and playful, sometimes dark and dense - but always isolated, with no hint to the past or future.

The Athenaeum
201 Prince Street
Alexandria, Va 22314
703 548 0035

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