Friday, April 16, 2010

Rod Glover at Studio H

Rod Glover “Ungrounded”
April 17 through May 12, 2010
Opening Show: April 17 from 6PM to 9PM

Rod Glover's paintings simplify the complexities of life without the need for representational depictions. He constructs his work using abstract shapes and color. "Abstract shapes have undeniable power. The orientation or action of a shape evokes conflict, balance, anxiety or harmony. In shapes we perceive ourselves, and they become the archetypes of existence" explains Glover. The shapes in Glover’s work seem to float in space that he imagines to be infinite. The forms are in movement through time. The shapes speak of many things: relationships, solitude, confrontation, awakening, joy, stillness, order or chaos.

Studio H Gallery and Workshop 
408 H Street NE second floor
Washington, DC 20002.

Philip Hutinet, director-owner
Hours are by appointment.

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