Saturday, April 03, 2010

Magical Realism / Gina Clapp @ City Gallery

"Magical Realism" by Gina Clapp

April 3-25, 2010

Reception, April 10, 6-9pm

Gallery Hours: Friday and Saturday 1-5pm

The term "Reality" mystifies Clapp. She sees reality as ever-changing, fluid yet fleeting and ephemeral. In "Magical Realism" she tries to focus intensely on what she sees and her work attempts to communicate her vision. "I am trying to catch a split second in time. I want to portray the movement in a still object, a kind of vibration that living materials have, as well as their inherent stillness. Drapery may feel like it is swirling, blowing, or hiding something. Pots and jars seem to tilt just slightly when I draw, as if they are shifting their weight. And the minute I think I have captured the moment it slips away".

City Gallery
804 H Street, NE Second Floor
Washington, DC 20002
PHONE: 202.468.5277

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