Monday, June 28, 2010

BANNED by Dana Ellyn

Solo exhibit of paintings by Dana Ellyn at the MLK Library in Washington, DC.

TONIGHT (Monday 6/28)
Opening Reception from 6:30-8pm
MLK Library (lobby)
901 G Street, NW
Washington, DC

“Each of the ‘Banned’ paintings are inspired by notable 'banned books'; books that have been challenged and declared 'prohibited' from the public by one or more authoritative body. Ellyn thrives on controversy, loves to read and tell stories, and simply adores the process of painting. This exhibit was literally tailor-made for her and by her.

The story told by an Ellyn painting is oftentimes opinionated. She delivers hard slaps to myths of all kinds -- from religion, to politics, to what it means to be a woman. Along with the emotional infusion, she spends countless hours brainstorming about what to paint. Ellyn puts tremendous importance on the content and meaning behind each of her paintings.”

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