Thursday, June 10, 2010

Last week of Sustainability Lab at Transformer

Last week of Sustainability Lab
June 9 - 12, 2010

Thursday, June 10
1 - 7pm: Lasting Impressions

While Jeff Hnilicka is out & about in DC collecting material for Friday June 11's 10 Dance Moves for Washington, DC programming (see below), please visit Transformer during public gallery hours to interact with his Sustainability Lab installation. Jeff's interactive installation of visqueen sheets, containing in-progress brainstorming notes from Sustainability Lab and Open Engagement (a three day conference in Portland, OR exploring similar themes) will be open to visitor contributions as part of an on-going exploration of emerging models of art, food, and cultural production. The installation documents sustainable community and artist generated projects from around the country, along with ideas and feedback from Transformer visitors. Contribute to an aggregating collection of histories, dreams, and schemes that will travel with Jeff this summer and fall to his projects in Brooklyn, Philadelphia, Greensboro, Los Angeles, and many points in between.

Friday, June 11
1, 3, and 5pm:
10 Dance Moves for Washington, DC - a dance lesson and travelogue
The culture of a city comes not only from its physical structures, but the architecture of its organisms. The people of a city are in and of themselves a tourist attraction - their mannerisms and body language define a cultural pulse. In a city renowned for its monuments, come learn another way to view cultural value in DC.
Drop by Transformer at 1pm, 3pm, and/or 5pm for a participatory presentation by Jeff Hnilicka on his Washington, DC experience. Based on a collection of images gathered via explorations of DC that Jeff thinks could inspire dance moves, Transformer invites you to hear about his travels, learn his choreography, and offer your own spin on DC's moves.
Additionally, Hnilicka will present 100 Dance Moves for Portland, a work created with his collaborative team You Are My Friend.

No previous dance or tour guide experience is necessary.

Saturday, June 12
1 - 6pm: Home Grown
Join artist Cynthia Connolly and cultural worker Jeff Hnilicka for an afternoon of conversation, local foods, music, and art. While sharing photographic documentation of personal art projects that explore themes of community and sustainability, Cynthia and Jeff will simultaneously be preparing and sharing with audiences a variety of food purchased fresh that morning from Potomac Vegetable Farms (Purcelville, VA) and Eco Friendly Foods (Moneta, VA) at the Court House Arlington, VA Farmers market. Among the projects Cynthia will be sharing is a work-in-progress documenting the work of farmers from the Court House market, exposing their entire food network from source to plate. She will also show photographs documenting her Rural Studio project in Perry County Alabama, where she designed and built an organic vegetable stand. Music from celebrated DC-based bands will play throughout the day.

This program is free and open to the public.

"Our goal is to farm this land well, leaving the land improved, while feeding people real food and being excellent neighbors." - Ellen Polishuk, Potomac Vegetable Farms.
1404 P Street NW Washington, DC 20010 / 202-483-1102

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