Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sparkplug/ Facts and Fictions

Facts and Fictions
June 18 - July 18
Artists Talk: July 18, 5pm

Curated by Blair Murphy
Featuring work by Rob Chester, Chajana denHarder, Todd Gardener, Joseph Hale, Chandi Kelley, Matt Smith and Dafna Steinberg

Featuring work by the seven new members of DCAC's Sparkplug artist collective, Facts and Fictions highlights the tension between the real and the constructed, between the production of elaborate fictions and the documentation of a seemingly concrete reality. Working in painting, photography and mixed media, the artists in the exhibition blur the boundaries between documentation and creation. Fictional narratives and imagined characters inhabit fantastical worlds that nonetheless speak to everyday experiences and anxieties. In other instances, work created with an eye towards everyday human experience transforms otherwise ordinary moments into unfamiliar and surprising visions.

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