Wednesday, November 03, 2010


November 19, 2010 - January 7, 2011

Affordable Original and Limited Edition Artworks for Gift Buyers

Raandesk Gallery is pleased to announce ART2Gift®, a year-round program and annual exhibition featuring a broad selection of small-scale limited edition original artworks. The ART2Gift® brand was established in 2008 to better serve individuals and corporations shopping for affordable artwork.  

ART2Gift® will be on view from November 19, 2010 - January 7, 2011 to coincide with the holiday season.

This will be the third annual exhibition for ART2Gift®, featuring over 70 unique works of art from 30 different artists. Each work of art is authentic to the original work created by our artists.  There are no replicas or prints sold in ART2Gift®, only original paintings, drawings and sculptures and limited edition photography making ART2Gift® great affordable shopping for a unique gift.

Comprised of works created in a variety of media, from painting to photography, ART2Gift® offers works of art priced between $35 and $500. Convenient to transport and hang, works are sold with a 7-day "live with art" trial period to ensure each recipient's satisfaction. These limited edition gifts are also conveniently sized, no work being larger than 24"x24", framed and ready to give. For purchasers buying works for emerging collectors looking to refine their own collecting skills, Raandesk Gallery Gift Cards are also available.

From watching your favorite ballet to meeting your favorite artist, there is a special experience shared in that moment you will want to keep for a lifetime. ART2Gift® is that experience of original work, painted on canvas or photographed and framed, it holds that same memorable feeling that is near and dear to your heart.

Recent acquisitions to the ART2Gift® Collection by Featured Artists:

Jennie Barrese, Photography- Barrese's black and white photography is reminiscent of her daily emotional state, deeply embedded in her subconscious. Her color photographs are also a reflection of this kind of emotion, but involve more reactions to her thoughts.

Jihay Kang, Painting & Mixed Media- Kang's acrylic on canvas work consists of iconic images merged together, creating an almost optical illusionary picture surrounding messages of eternal growth.

Andrew Maglathlin, Sculpture- Maglathlin uses ceramics to create abstract forms in a variety of different shapes, all resembling figures and objects that have inspired him throughout his lifetime. For ART2Gift he offers a selection of teapots that are not merely decorative but useful as well.

Anne Marchand, Painting- Marchand will be featuring her latest abstract paintings in acrylic on canvas. Her work is a highly textured, rhythmic expression of universal songs.

Jennifer Murray, Drawing and Mixed Media- Known for her charcoal drawings of people and wild animals in displaced settings. Murray plays around with her muse, the wolf, in a variety of mixed media work and small sculptures.  Each work is a reflection of her own personal feelings, as well as her struggles and desires common to all people.

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